Thursday, March 4, 2010

The 28 day challenge... I failed

Well I failed. Here it is March and their room is still filled with boxes and no where near being done.
I was hoping to work on it last week but with a sick toddler it didn't happen.

The weekend was a wash too. My boys were to go to the snow for the weekend with their grandfather but a storm was expected so instead they just went to a sleepover at grandpa's. With Elaria being sick I had other things to get done too. Being the newsletter editor of my local mom's club, I still had to work on the newsletter which had to be done my Sunday. So Saturday was a wash. Sunday was spent hanging out with my husband and Elaria. We got nothing done that day.

My dad had decided to take them up to the snow just for a day. He said he'd have them back around 6pm, maybe 7pm. Well my boys were home by 10:30pm. They were exhausted after having such a long day playing in the snow. So I kept them home from school the next day. So another day of getting nothing done.

And now here it is Thursday. We've had play dates and a hearing evaluation so far this week and I still haven't had a chance to work in their room.

I also have a sale next weekend to get ready for. Another mom's group in our area puts together a huge kids sale twice a year. I have to pull out all of my daughter's clothes and price and tag them. It's a huge project and my husband is going to help me this weekend to get it done. So it will be at least another week before I can work in their room.

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