Friday, March 26, 2010


So I haven't done anything else in the boys' room. I was all excited and ready to get it done. Now I just can't get myself motivated again. I failed that challenge and seemed to have become stuck. Not physically mind you. My mind just seems stuck when I try to approach it and think about all I have to do.

I have been busy mind you. Though not big busy, just little stuff busy.

So starting this Sunday, I'll be tackling it again. I have to. It's not fair to them having their room stuck in limbo.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The 28 day challenge... I failed

Well I failed. Here it is March and their room is still filled with boxes and no where near being done.
I was hoping to work on it last week but with a sick toddler it didn't happen.

The weekend was a wash too. My boys were to go to the snow for the weekend with their grandfather but a storm was expected so instead they just went to a sleepover at grandpa's. With Elaria being sick I had other things to get done too. Being the newsletter editor of my local mom's club, I still had to work on the newsletter which had to be done my Sunday. So Saturday was a wash. Sunday was spent hanging out with my husband and Elaria. We got nothing done that day.

My dad had decided to take them up to the snow just for a day. He said he'd have them back around 6pm, maybe 7pm. Well my boys were home by 10:30pm. They were exhausted after having such a long day playing in the snow. So I kept them home from school the next day. So another day of getting nothing done.

And now here it is Thursday. We've had play dates and a hearing evaluation so far this week and I still haven't had a chance to work in their room.

I also have a sale next weekend to get ready for. Another mom's group in our area puts together a huge kids sale twice a year. I have to pull out all of my daughter's clothes and price and tag them. It's a huge project and my husband is going to help me this weekend to get it done. So it will be at least another week before I can work in their room.

Crazy Times

I had my week planned out perfectly. Silly me. Having kids means you have to expect the unexpected.
Saturday we visited our favorite place- the Monterey Bay Aquarium. More on that later. Sunday I woke up feeling very ill- you know the nauseated kind of ill. Didn't eat all day for fear of getting sick. Monday morning started feeling better. Then my daughter threw up her breakfast. She couldn't keep anything down, including water.

Called her pediatrician because she's under 2yrs and worried about dehydration. Got the instructions about gatorade/pedialyte. By the evening she seemed better. Then that night and the next morning she started again. Went in to see the Dr. She seemed fine, sent home with more instructions. She did better again all day, keeping her green gatorade down. Then Wed morning she started up again. The Dr decided we better do some lab work make sure she was ok. Went in to see him that afternoon and get the results. According to the blood test results she was nearly completely dry. The Dr was surprised as usually a child that bad is lethargic and here my daughter was still alert. So off to the emergency room we were sent so she could get fluids through an IV.

My poor baby was poked and poked and poked. It took them 45 minutes to decide that they needed to get someone that was "great" at getting a line started. This other "great" person came in and got the line and everything done in under 5min. Seriously people, shouldn't we have started with the "great" person when dealing with a 21 month old who's dehydrated?

So last Thursday and Friday was all about recovery and getting Elaria to start eating again. Please let's never go through that again.