Monday, January 25, 2010

Lego Organizing

I am embarrassed to say but my boys' room has revolted, or it's revolting. My boys have shared a room since they were 1 & 2. It has always served as both a playroom and as a place for them to sleep. They are now 8 & 9. We have tried several times to clean their room. When they were younger it was so much easier. Well they are now completely into Lego. They're room has little Lego pieces EVERYWHERE. Their old Thomas train table is over run with Lego and everything else they own. We put in some IKEA pieces to help organize and it did work, for a little while.

So my project now is to redo their room. And I mean redo. After doing a search online for Lego storage and reading this page, I have come up with a couple of ideas. I particularly liked Robinella's idea but I'm expanding on it as we have many more sets.

I know that they still need a table but they're also old enough that they're going to need desks. My idea is to get two of these Vika Alex desks and place them back to back.

This will give them table room, drawer space and each will have a separate desk.

They're also getting a bookcase, another Trofast frame and a shelf above the frames for added space.

I'm also thinking we can use at least one of these drawer cabinets from Lego Education

I'm also thinking about ways to keep their artwork into their room because they love their art from preschool. You can see the artwork on their walls. Even though I've taken photos of them I am not allowed to toss them out.

Click HERE to see photos of their room.

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