Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, Monday

Had a wonderful morning today.
So for the past couple of weeks I've been reminding Alex that he has paint class coming up. It's on the calendar, both of them, and it's in my Outlook calendar and I'm the one that signed him up. So last night at 9pm I realize that paint class is in the morning and I was supposed to get some supplies.

So this morning after Elaria's early morning feeding, instead of trying to get another hour of sleep, I get up so I have time to stop at the store before class. Moving forward- I go to the store. I find what I needed, and go to pay for it. As I reach into my purse for my wallet, I realize it's not in there. Doh! No credit card, no debit card, and only $5 and some change in cash.

Embarrassingly I tell the cashier that I forgot my wallet- sorry- and out the door I go. I get to the car and start scrounging around for change. I had been short by $2. Yeah! I found 6 quarters and with the change I had in my purse I've got the money. Whew!

Race back home- well not really because the last thing I needed was to get pulled over for a speeding ticket since I didn't have my license with me. Poor Alex ended up getting to class a few minutes late.

And I'm the one that had been reminding him about class!

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